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Maggie White

Signed Judge of Saints & Sinners Paperback

Signed Judge of Saints & Sinners Paperback

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The heir to hell. A soul torn between good and evil.

Together they hold the scale of judgement in the Underworld, and each other’s last chance at love.

Nephesh was born into chaos. The first son of hell, the child of a powerful human witch, and a fallen angel. He waged wars beside his father, together carving out the world that became Hell’s domain. But no matter how strong he was, Nephesh still couldn’t save the human carrying his soul. He'd lost her and any chance at saving the Underworld. It was then that Nephesh decided, the next time he found his soul, if he were ever so lucky, he would do everything he could to keep it safe, and take it back.

Justine has been cursed since the day she lost her parents. A shadow follows her, a darkness she can’t escape. She will do whatever it takes to survive, the marks up on her soul the only currency in a world who never accepted outliers. But when Justine find an injured man on the streets, something tells her to save him. Ultimately inserting herself in a war hundreds of years in the making.

When darkness creeps in on her world, Nephesh is the only one Justine can turn to.

Can Justine really promise her soul to a demon in exchange for the life she thought she wanted, knowing that it would never have him in it?

Judge of Saints and Sinners is the second book in the Lords of the Underworld series. This story follows the first son of Lucifer, Nephesh’s journey to reclaim his realm. It contains mature language, themes,


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